AEB Services


  • Using Laser Alignment Measurement for Pumps
  • Using Laser Alignment, Temperature Measurement with Laser Heat Gun for Pump and Engine in all fields
  • Using Vibration Meter for measuring vibration


  • Reading Memories, Humidity Air Temperature, dew point wet bulb temperature by using “Infrared Video Thermometer” which measures with fast, easy and accurate usage, in addition, the ability to video record & filming
  • Measuring the Fluid Velocity of the liquid within a closed conduit, in addition, Pulse measurement and Ultra Sonic Igniting by using “The Ultrasonic Flow Meter”.

AEB Offers

  • Technical support and after sales service are priorities. 

  • Using laser alignment measurement for pumps, lathe and milling machine, Temperature measurement with laser heat gun for pump and engine in all fields, vibration meter, tachometer laser, infrared video thermometer, ultrasonic flow meter. 

  • With AEB service contract, your installation will be running in top condition and in an energy-efficient manner for a fixed fee.
  • AEB service stuff will be there when you need us with professional services and solutions to accomplish any job at any place by using our vanes and cars with our stuff.


  • Full inspection Replacement of all damaged parts with genuine manufacturer’s parts 

  • Testing after inspection. 
  • Detailed quotation outlining the condition, the cost of repair and the cost of a replacement so you choose the most cost-effective option. 

  • Inform you with detailed description of how we intend to solve the case with price and time of repair to take easier and faster decision. 

  • Experienced professional stuff includes engineers and workers help you to save money, get your service with energy-efficient and reliable operation through Egypt and outside.